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MD-4030 underground metal detector

MD-4030 underground metal detector

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product description:

This md-4030 metal detector is the ideal entry machine. Features include audible indication, detection and vision, a 16.5cm waterproof search coil that allows you to search for underwater metal (note: the host is not waterproof), as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. A built-in meter that displays the type of metal detection and a low battery LED indicator.


Product Features:

1. Two modes of operation: Full metal mode, recognition mode

2. Volume adjustment: Adjust the volume of the speakers and headphones

3. Headphones excuse: can be connected to the headset (not provided)

4. Pointer display: the pointer will swing with the discovery of the metal

5. Waterproof detection disk: metal detectors can be used in shallow water

6. Adjustable rod: adjust the length of the metal detector



1.16.5cm waterproof search coil

2. Low battery indicator

3.3.5mm headphone jack

4. Net weight: 0.9kg

5. With speaker / meter


packing list:

1 x md-4030 detector (excluding battery)

1 x operating manual

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