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Portable Multi Functional Tactical Flashlight 501B

Portable Multi Functional Tactical Flashlight 501B

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Model number: Wf-501b
Material: Aviation aluminum alloy
Lamp bead: T6 /l2
Lumen: T6 1200 / l2 1600 lumen
Voltage: 3.7v-4.2v
Irradiation distance: 100-300 meters
Light source: White/green/red/violet/blue
Product size: 30 (head diameter) *133 (length) mm*2.5 (tail diameter)
Lamp cup: Aluminum light cup
Color: Black
Mirror: Optical flat glass mirror
Battery :1 18650 lithium battery
Gear: White light five dimming intensity - medium - weak - flash -sos/ (green light/red light/purple light/blue light) only one gear; bright light
Focus or not: No
Waterproof level: Ip65 resistant to heavy rain, do not soak in water
Switch: Tail press switch

Packing list:

Flashlight, battery, c1 charger, charging cable, crooked neck fixture, pressure switch, no. 3 box

Electrical outlet
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