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Tactical strap buckle

Tactical strap buckle

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100% brand new, high quality

Material: aluminum

Colour: Black

Weight: 19 grams

Height: 53 mm

Diameter: 30mm

Size: 13x8mm

Made of durable aluminum material, light weight

Smart double loop connection point.

Suitable for installation of standard single point slings

Easy to install

* Used to assemble standard single point slings.

* Symmetrical double loop connection points.

* End plate rear strap bracket for adjusting AR15 / M4 inventory and standard tactical slings.

* Replace the standard rear panel adapter on the AR15 / M4 with folding paper during installation.

Quality first, providing the best service. The customer is our friend.

Stylish design, 100% brand new, high quality!


1. For photos, please allow slight color difference

2. Dimensions may deviate due to manual measurement

Package Included:

1 pcs strap loop


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